Trimzilla 18″ Warrior Cut Leaf Trimmer

Trimzilla 18″ Warrior Cut Leaf Trimmer


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The Trimzilla 18″ Warrior Cut Leaf Trimmer is a great is great at making lighter work of any quantities of produce large or small. Its main attributes are that it’s an automated trimmer with fill and spill technology, allowing you to drop plant materials into the top of the unit where a series of rubber tongues keeps them circulating around the top chamber, where off cuts and debris are processed and collected via the bottom chamber into the debris recovery system up until optimal quality is reached. With its powerful motor, precision cutting blades and durable stainless steel design the Warrior can tackle big yields. Easy accessibility to components for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Precision 415mm cutting blade.
Ventilation & debris recovery systems.
1.3mm thick stainless steel for the hole trimmer
1.3mm thick 304 stainless steel for the corner, top & blade..
Steel Construction
Electric Motor.
Precision 415mm cutting blade.
Easy to clean & use.


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